Bayer and BlockApps plan Blockchain solution for agricultural industry

Recently, Bayer announced that it has launched a new network together with BlockApps, a provider of block chain platforms. The network is designed to change the way agricultural products are managed.

On November 18, Bayer published a report on the collaboration. The new platform called „TraceHarvest Network“ offers users the possibility to track the complete supply chain of agricultural products in real-time. The aim of the block chain-based platform is to optimise processes and thus create access to new markets.

Blockchain technology is already revolutionising Immediate Edge agriculture and we are leading the way thanks to our partnership with Bayer’s Crop Science Division, which has taken this concept from idea to reality.

said Kieren James-Lubin, President and CEO of BlockApps. In this context he spoke of new standards that would shape the future of the industry. Another advantage of the platform, he said, was that it could also be used for consumer protection because of its transparency. Sascha Israel, Bayer Crop Science CIO and Head of Digital Transformation, said the following:

By providing traceability of products throughout the food supply chain, TraceHarvest provides a basis for new solutions and services on food quality and transparency issues of paramount importance to farmers and consumers.

Bayer has already been using BlockApps‘ network for two years to track agriculture in different countries. According to BlockApps, the company’s Blockchain would have revolutionised the agricultural industry by now. However, it is also stressed that this was only possible with the support of Bayer.

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