Ark Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The development team of the Ark platform is spread all over the world. 15 members form the core team known as the Ark Crew. The platform is reminiscent of Bitshares, Crypti and Lisk. That’s not surprising, since some of the crew members had worked on them. For example, Francois-Xavier Thoorens, the Technical Director, was involved in the development of Lisk in 2016. A common feature of these blockchains is the use of the Delegated Proof-of-Stake Consensus.

The founder of the project is Mike Doty. Before turning to crypto currencies, he worked as a machine technician in aerospace and robotics. He is co-founder of Bitseed and Crypti. The latter is a predecessor of Lisk. The aforementioned Francois-Xavier Thoorens previously worked on data collection and satellite monitoring of the oceans. The reason why he and other members of the crew turned away from the Lisk was because of inconsistencies regarding the development of the blockchain.

The development team is also responsible for the correct use of the investment collected for the further development of the blockchain. The crew aims at startups. They should be able to use the blockchains for their innovative ideas. The ArkShield program was started to guarantee the financing of the project as a sustainability fund.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bitcoin revolution

The Ark crypto currency itself is only needed for polls and has no major benefit outside the Bitcoin revolution. This means that owning the coin only works as an investment in the Bitcoin revolution. It is not suitable as a digital means of payment and is not intended for this purpose. In the long run, the forecast depends on how well the platform develops.

Nevertheless, the project has a lot of potential and a real relation to real life. The Blockchain aims at young & innovative startups and wants to offer them features to implement their own ideas. At the same time the technical aspects are well thought out, the work of the team is based on a lot of experience in the field of crypto currencies. The blockchain will hardly have any problems with scalability, since most tasks are outsourced to secondary chains.

Ark Coin Course – Development – Forecast of the Ethereum code

The Ethereum code price started at €0.03 on March 22, 2017 and rose to over €0.20 over the following months. In June 2017 the price rose to € 0.95 and then fell to € 0.40 in July. August and September 2017 the Ethereum code rose steadily, on 15 September the crypto currency was worth 3.32 €. In October and November, the coin mostly held above €2.

December 2017 and January 2018 a rally on the crypto currency took place. On 21st December the coin was quoted at 6.63 €, but the highest value was reached on 10th January with 8.55 €. Then the price fell steadily, the hype subsided. In April 2018, however, the price appears to be moving back towards the €3 level.

Ark Coin Forecast: Apart from the period December/January, when there was a general euphoria against the crypto currencies, the price rose every time there were new developments. In September, this was the release of a new Ark Wallet. Initially, the announcement of Java support led to an increase in April. From this it can be concluded that new developments regarding the blockchain lead to a price increase. If the crypto currency is still low, the Ark Coin could be worth buying. Price rises are possible at any time.

Create Wallet
The Ark Wallet can be downloaded from the GitHub website. It is an installation file which is available in different versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. The installation should be done without any problems.

Where can I buy the Ark Coin?
There are several crypto exchanges where you can buy Ark Coin. Binance is one of the most reliable providers. In addition, there are Bittrex, Upbit, Bit-Z, OKEx, Cryptopia, LiteBit and Livecoin.

The platform offers startups and private individuals the opportunity to quickly create their own blockchains. Ark Coin aims to bridge the gap between the digital world of blockchains and real companies and their projects.

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